Lie #2: “I’ll Start Tomorrow”

In chapter 2 of Girl, wash your face , Rachel Hollis talks about all of the things she has “said” she would do….but never did. BOY can I relate!!!!

Failed Starts

How many of you have a “Bucket List”? I do!  How many things have you actually crossed off of that list?  I hope it’s more than I have.  My bucket list is beautiful.  It is filled with dream vacations, exciting adventures, new lessons and achievements, as well as goals and dreams.  THREE…..That is how many things I have crossed off of that list.  Sad.

It seems as though in this day and age, life has taught us how to “start over” when we fail.  It’s taught us how to get back on the horse after falling off, and ride into the sunset.  What it has not taught most of us is HOW TO STAY ON THE HORSE  in the first place! We have never really been forced to focus on how to stay strong and push through.  Well sister, it’s time for that to change.

The Dreaded Disappointment

When someone disappoints you or lets you down, repetitively, how does that make you feel? Probably pretty crappy…maybe unimportant or even worthless.  In turn, when someone always keeps their word, how does THAT make you feel?  AMAZING!!!  Imagine if you treated yourself this way.  How many times have you disappointed YOU? Books you’ve committed to reading and never finished, a new health journey you gave up on (ten or twenty times), a career change that you swore you were making “next year” but never took the leap?  We do this because we have conditioned ourselves this way.  It has become a pattern.

My dreaded disappointment is my studies towards becoming a Personal Trainer.  I bought ALL of the materials in April of 2011.  SEVEN years ago!  I started studying immediately.  One month later I met a man who swept me off my feet.  It was a whirlwind love.  We were married within three (yes you read that right) months. My studies became a mere blur in my rearview mirror.  We went on with our life for a good four years before our marriage fell apart before my eyes.  This past January I committed to myself that I would start studying all over again.  Guess what?  I did!  And then I quit, because, well…  NO MORE.  I AM finishing that certification by the end of 2019.  I have made the commitment and I am sticking to it.

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Breaking The Pattern

Start with one promise to yourself and break it down into smaller pieces.  When you want to give up, because it’s your pattern, ask yourself how good you would feel if you just pushed through.  Push past that hump that you are conditioned to stop at.  I have committed to breaking my studies down to one chapter or topic per two weeks…..20 minutes per day, five days per week.  THAT I can do!

Maybe your goal is to organize your home and pitch out all of the old clutter.  That sounds pretty overwhelming!  Pick a room.  ONE room.  Start by tackling a closet in that room one week.  The next week the drawers.  Slowly, but surely you will begin to see your home decluttering before your very eyes!

This blog was something on my bucket list.  I had put it off until “next month” for over a year.  I took the leap and I am loving it!  I hope you are too. 🙂

Think Before You Commit

Choose ONE goal.  One small goal.  Tackle ONE drawer.  Walk ONE mile. Write ONE paragraph.

Think carefully before you commit.  Rachel tells us to “slow down your yes”.  Stop and think before you say “yes”.  Is this something that makes you happy?  Is this something that you truly can accomplish?  Does this fit into your life’s goals?  If it does, go for it!

Be honest with yourself.  Take a look at your own level of commitment.  Who or what have you cancelled on within the past few months?  Within the past few weeks?  How does that feel?  You don’t wasn’t to be that person….the one who is know for bailing.  Hold yourself accountable to your “yes”.

Now GO….start TODAY!

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Lie #1: “Something Else Will Make Me Happy”

The First Chapter

In Rachel Hollis’ book, Girl, wash your face, she describes twenty lies that we tend to tell ourselves.  The first one is that “something else will make us happy”.  I completely agree with her, on the fact that social media can make us feel that our lives are not nearly as “good” or “fun” as our friends’ lives are.

The truth is, most people usually only post the good and the fun.  They are embarrassed to reveal all of the messy parts of their lives.  We get to hear about the fun exotic trip they took with their friends or partner, the competition that their child won, or their parents’ 50th Anniversary celebration.  We don’t see the eye rolls they gave their boss that day, the horrible fight they just had with their partner, or the many tears they have shed over inner battles.

I Am Not Perfect

Society can make us feel that we have to be “perfect”.  Our life, our children our career are all supposed to be perfect!  When these things aren’t perfect we tend to give up.  Guess what?  I AM NOT PERFECT!  I have made so many mistakes in my life that I don’t even know where to begin.  I have failed marriages, yelled at my children, skipped my workouts for days on end, and even had M&M’s and a bottle of red wine for dinner.  Shocking I know.  The clean eating fitness buff has weak moments.

For years I beat myself up over the fact that my children did not grow up in a “normal” household of both Mom and Dad together.  But….is that really normal? I then realized that normal to them is a loving parent, time together, seeing me be strong as a mother and a woman….and seeing me fail, but get back up fighting.  That’s normal to them, and to me.  We are anything but perfect, but we are happy.

Stop Doing These Things

1-Stop comparing your life to someone else’s.  Comparison will kill your soul.  This is YOUR life and YOUR journey.  Focus on yourself, not someone else.  Through journaling I have found that I kind of like my life.  Actually I love it, flaws and all.  It’s not perfect and I don’t ever want it to be.  I want to live the ups and downs, and continue growing from them.

2-Stop allowing negativity into your life. Positivity makes a difference.  If you swim in a sea of positivity, things begin to look differently.  When I started looking for gratitude in every situation, I felt so much better.  Sometimes it was REALLY difficult to find a positive but I did.  I unfollowed things and people on social media that brought negativity into my view.  I searched for more books, blogs and YouTube channels that were filled with positivity.  If I can do it, you can too.

3-Stop doing the things you don’t truly want to do.  I used to volunteer for my children’s parties and things at school when they were little.  I used to help friends paint their living room, or sew their clothes for them.  Guess what???  Those things did NOT make me happy.  In fact I dreaded them!  (Insert the not so perfect mom and friend.)  Now I do things that contribute to MY happiness.  I take my daughters on dates.  We actually get to spend time together! I meet my friends for coffee or dinner.  We actually have conversation and laughter! Sometimes we even share tears, because we can.

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Is Your Face Dirty?

I have seen quite a few friends RAVING about this book on Facebook, so I decided to investigate it’s “awesomeness” for myself. The past few years have already been quite the journey for me…spiritual and self growth, finding inner peace and falling in love with my life. This book is going to challenge my journey in a new way.

One Chapter at a Time

As I read each chapter of Girl, wash your face, I will relate it to my life…my growth…my journey. This will be the first time that I am publicly speaking about certain parts of my life. The real, raw truth. Join me on my journey. ❤️

The Inspiration Behind My Health And Wellness

We all have something….and illness, and injury, a social disorder.  We all have a story to tell.  This part of my story is about my illness.  I have Multiple Sclerosis, but it does NOT have me!

What Is MS?

MS is a long-lasting disease that causes damage to the nerve endings in your brain, spinal cord and/or optic nerve.  Web MD has this to say about MS, “MS happens when your immune system attacks a fatty material called myelin, which wraps around your nerve fibers to protect them. Without this outer shell, your nerves become damaged. Scar tissue may form.”  It affects everyone differently.  It can cause numbness and tingling in the extremities, vision impairment, nausea and dizziness, paralysis, weakness, extreme fatigue, memory loss….among other various issues.

My Diagnosis

One Saturday in June of 2009, I was getting ready to head to work in my retail management career.  Out of the blue I felt a tightness in my chest, could not catch my breath, and was crying uncontrollably without even realizing it.  My sister was in from out of town and came to my rescue.  She drove me to a nearby hospital.  On the ride, I lost feeling in my left arm.  Of course we thought I was having a heart attack.  The ER exam and testing ruled out a heart attack and they kept me for observation.

That evening as I awaited my dinner tray, I lost feeling and function in the left side of my face.  When I rolled over to look at my sister, she was as white as a ghost.  They put me in an ambulance and rushed me to a different hospital where they had Neurological specialists.  In the ambulance I lost the feeling in my left leg.  Now we were all thinking stroke.  MRI’s and other testing ruled out a stroke, Lupus, Lyme’s Disease and other possibilities.  The Neurologist on call refused to give up.  She ordered a spinal tap for Monday morning.  She had a strong feeling about my prognosis….you see, my mother has MS as well.  She was diagnosed at the age of 19, in 1963.

During my spinal tap I had two seizures and my heart rate dropped below 30.  All I remember is thrashing around and waking up drenched in sweat.  The rapid testing revealed that my “O Bands” were 99% positive for MS.  I began 5 days worth of IV steroids and the doctor ordered for me to start daily injections of Copaxone which is one of many DMD’s (disease modifying drugs).  The next few weeks were a blur….Occupational and Physical Therapy, nurses coming and going from my house, and learning a “new normal”.  How do you put your hair in a pony tail?  How do you walk with a normal gait?  How do you pick up a penny?

Eventually I regained most of it with the help of many people.  I returned to the gym very slowly and hired a personal trainer who helped to change my life.  I was in the early stages of a divorce, and also lost the career I had worked so hard at developing.  But for the first time I was slowing down.  I was enjoying my daughters.  They were 3 and 9 at the time.

My Future

Here I am 9 years later.  I have gone through so many life changes that I will tell you all about in the future.  I am happy to say that I have only progressed to RRMS (Remitting-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis). My symptoms are extreme fatigue, numbness and tingling in my left hand, arm and side of my face.  Some cognitive function hurdles are present along with the occasional bout of vertigo.

My daughters are now 12 and 18.  They are my drive.  I am so blessed to have them.  I workout regularly to maintain strength.  I have built a life that has contributed to my happiness and inner peace.  I may have to do things slower or in a different way, but I still live my life.  I tell anyone and everyone who asks me about my disease.  I will educate people and have helped quite a few newly diagnosed patients deal with their “new normal”.

Turmeric…Can it heal you?

Where to begin?  After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (an auto-immune and inflammatory disease), I tried numerous medications and treatments at my doctors’ instruction.  In early 2018 I decided to research more natural methods to heal my body.  One of the things I stumbled upon was Turmeric.

Turmeric as an anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory power of turmeric comes from one specific compound called curcumin.  Turmeric slows the body’s production of inflammatory signaling properties.  This helps to bring the body back to normal and decreases inflammation in the system dramatically.

Believe it or not, ALL of our bodies have some level of inflammation in them.  Reducing inflammation in our bodies should be a top priority.  Inflammation affects cognitive function, energy levels and overall health.  Reducing inflammation can also ease pain and discomfort from joint pain.

Curcumin boosts brain activity

The neurons in the brain are capable of increasing in number and forming new connections.  Curcumin can help eliminate or reverse brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s by clearing plaques in the brain.

It is also beneficial in treating depression and anxiety, resulting in a more balanced mood.  Curcumin can boost serotonin and has been shown to lead to improvements similar to Prozac.

My personal experience

I began adding turmeric to my daily routine in February of 2018.  Since then I have had more clear cognitive function at work.  The joint pain in my hip has also disappeared.  I have been able to discontinue the use of depression and pain medications.  I am not a doctor, but can certainly testify what this natural “wonder herb” has done for my health and well-being.  My personal favorite is posted below!

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